- About -

We are an independent game development team that creates cute, story-driven games.

- The Team -

Blas Dizon

Never sleeps. Responsible for designing, programming, writing, and general direction of our games.

Danielle Endrino (@soultyragevin)

Jack of all trades and supplier of high quality art and animations for our games.

Osias Bantug

The ultimate freelancer. He will provide all of your art needs if you give him coffee and pizza.


An absolute madman. Composes the best-known music ever to grace upon human ears. Also an electrician.

Gina Loughlin.png
Gina Loughlin

Her music fills up the void in your empty existence. Also works way too many multiple jobs. Please help her.


A connoisseur of the finest non-mainstream anime/pop culture and, *coughs*, hentai and doujinshis. The ultimate secret weapon of our team! Also a furry.